Peach Mango Smoothie Recipe

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Asalam o Alaikum, after so long i get the spare time to write a blog post. As it’s a month of Ramadan. Weather is so hot specially in Asian and EU country so to beat this heat waves i going to share with you drink that is quick easy delicious and tasty. Today’s drink is Peach Mango Smoothie Recipe. This drink will help summers as well as it is very helpful for people who are doing gym. 

And from now onward i will try to share you ingredients and product links that you can order or buy them from online store. This will special for those who are busy and for those where ingredients are not available easily.

Let’s get started . . .


Ingredients for Peach Mango Smoothie Recipe

Following are the ingredient you need to make easy and tasty drink.

  • Mango, 1/2 cup fresh, frozen or puree
  • Pineapple, 1 1/2 cup fresh or frozen
  • Peach, 1 1/2 cup fresh or frozen
  • Orange juice, 1/2 cup fresh or can
  • Ice cubes, 1 cup


Take a blender, add all ingredients mango, orange juice, pineapple and peach and blend it well.

Add ice and serve it.


Here is the links of ingredients that you can from online store

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