Nutella Hot Drink

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When you get tired of daily routine work and have some nutella leftover in the jar from that you can use make a very interesting and healthy recipe. This will boost metabolize and relax your stressful mind and give you energy. So, today i am going to tell you some very interesting and yummy recipe of Nutella Hot Drink. Now a days Nutella is very much trendy. For that reason, i have specially design this hot nutella chocolate drink with Vanilla Cream for the lovers  . . Yeahhh !!!


Ingredients Nutella Hot Drink

Milk, 1 cup luke warm

Cream, 1/2 cup

Nutella, 4 tbsp

Almonds, 2 tbsp crushed



Next is the step by step direction for Nutella Cream Hot Drink.

In a blender, add milk, nutella, cream, almonds, vanilla essence and blend it for 2 – 3 minutes.

Pour drink in glasses evenly.

Serve immediately and Enjoy !!


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